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The series “Ghosts” seeks to capture the fluid and ethereal experience of encountering deep ocean jellyfish, presented as dye-infused aluminum prints.

As an avid scuba diver since the age of twelve, I’ve long been drawn to jellyfish by their intricate balance of beautiful form and dangerous tentacles. What initially began as an attempt to merely document them ultimately became about encapsulating the experience of being with these amazing, weightless creatures in the open ocean. In the water, there’s a lyrical quality to them – a slowing of time and space that heightens the incredible spiritual connection I feel with them. Drawing upon elements of fashion and architecture, I seek with my camera to transform these simple beings into abstractions of emotion and movement, sharing the experience of swimming amongst their translucent bodies and nettle-lined tentacles. Enigmas shrouded in mystery, they are truly ghosts of the ocean deep.

I’ve chosen to bring these images to life by infusing various dyes into heavy-gauge sheets of high-gloss aluminum. The results are stunning: each print captures an intense energy, iridescence and depth that transcends standard photographic imagery.

Original photographs are available for individual purchase and can also be displayed together as an exhibition. Each image is available as dye-infused aluminum print, signed and numbered on verso. Please inquire for pricing.

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