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Walt Jones rushing among LA's concrete and post-production studios, you wouldn't think he spent his youth hiking and paddling northern Minnesota's woods and lakes. But after learning to tie knots and stay warm in the outdoors, he came inside and partnered with others during high school to produce shows for local cable, design theatrical lighting and write computer programs.

As he built this early r�sum�, Walt developed a love for creative technologies and collaboration. This led to work as a rock concert roadie; a lighting designer for plays, music, opera and ballet; a software developer during the dot-com era; and a television producer. Those proclivities also trumped his need for untamed nature when he found a home amid LA's creative, fast-paced culture. For the past half-dozen years, Walt has focused a split lens on tweaking and twisting reality for Hollywood while seeking reality's essence with his own photography, both near home and during regular escapes. Between traveling to some of the world's wildest places, he has pushed pixels to help build a long list of film projects. He shared an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects for work on The Golden Compass. And his photographs grace walls in Los Angeles-area galleries, as well as in private and corporate collections around the world.

Walt discovered a passion for photography when he realized a used Nikon FE could help him record his lighting projects. But he found much more when the camera captured dancers sculpted by his lights. From those early experiments with composition, exposure and zonal compression grew a love for grabbing and saving moments when light, shape and form gather to tell new tales. That love helps define Walt's photographic aesthetic: He embraces technology to get things done, while eschewing any manipulations beyond straightforward enhancements readily available in his darkroom.

As a photographic artist, Walt Jones swings a double blade to slice what's shared from what's different between the organic and the constructed, the abstract and the concrete, solitude and congestion. He's drawn to the ancient and natural, even as he builds with man's newest, most powerful creative tools. His concepts and compositions emerge from mathematical precision, yet each includes at least one intentional flaw.

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Born in Minnesota and having since resided in various locales across the United States, Walt Jones has worked in the visual arts for most of his life. Primarily self-taught, his photography is influenced stylistically by organic pattern and aberration, embracing heavily the idea of disparate elements combining by chance to create the perception of organization. Through these accidental occurrences, Walt's penchant for dimensional imagery provides an eclectic examination of the hidden beauty that surrounds our daily lives. Whether shooting traditional film or digital media, he looks to capture the extraordinary patterns, details and contrasts inherent in both our natural and manufactured world.

Through the juxtaposition of form, texture and style, the photography of Walt Jones seeks to examine the compositional relationships that occur by organic chance, capturing the extraordinary patterns, details and contrasts inherent in both our natural and manufactured world. Currently residing in the teeming metropolis of Los Angeles, his body of work provides an eclectic mix of landscape, still life and abstract subjects shot as a "found art" study of the places and things that surround us. Through selective expression and convergence, his compositions offer up a new take on the commonplace.

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Walt shoots with just about everything - digital, B&W neg film, motion picture stock, color transparency and a good mix of non traditional stuff such as scanners, cell phones and whatever else he can get his hands on that might create an interesting image.

His work has shown in art galleries throughout the United States including The Center for Fine Art Photography, Rayko Gallery, The Happening Gallery, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and Create:Fixate. His work has won many awards and is actively collected throughout America and abroad.

What people have to say about Liquid Image:

"Liquid Image offers work that is simply exceptional. I'm blown away by the work available, and I'm always looking forward to viewing each new piece. The images communicate subtle forms and feelings through that makes you take a step back and contemplate the beauty of life and of this planet we call home."

"A fantastic, talented photographer with so much ability. He has mastered abstract photography like few I have ever seen, and he composes his shots so that the subject matter often seems to be packed tightly within the frame; this often provides the sensational vibrancy and pleasing appearance that I have come to love in his work. Walt's camera is like a magic wand in his hands. I love the color and character in his pieces...hanging his art on my walls is like traveling to a bright, better world. Walt must be a person full of love, fun, and creativity! I so admire his work."

"Walt's work takes my breath away more consistently, I think, than few other fine art photographers � I have no idea how he makes so many luminous, astonishing, ethereal images, images that stick in my mind for days. He very much has his own style and vision. Walt shows us a unique view of the world, one that I feel privileged to be let in on."

"Walt's ability to produce one stunning image after another is one of the main reasons that I continue to buy his. His creativity and technical ability combine to make for some of the most remarkable photograph I've ever seen. A true artist with a highly evolved style, it's hard to believe that he's not more widely collected."

"Walt Jones' work captures the raw Human Being in it's full and majestic glory. His eye sees past the outer fringes of beauty (which so often distract and amuse us) and underlines that unique and fragile humanity granted to each living soul by God himself."

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Photographer Walt Jones produces landscape, still life and abstract fine art images from around the world

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